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Check Out

At the end of the tenancy our Inventory Clerk will carry out a comparison to the original Inventory and Schedule of Condition. Recording the condition of the property, detailing all wear, damages, maintenance issues and any cleaning required. The Inventory Clerk will assign liability to all comments made and take photographic evidence, to be included in the report with descriptions.

Final meter readings will be recorded and photographed, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms tested and keys will be photographed and recorded. The Inventory Clerk will complete a end of tenancy schedule of condition and cleaning report, highlighting any issues.

The Check Out can be completed with or without the Tenant. Where the Tenant is present the Inventory Clerk will make the Tenant aware of any issues or damages recorded. Where the Tenant has had a professional end of tenancy clean carried out the Inventory Clerk will photograph the invoice and record the name of the company. All keys returned by the Tenant will be photographed and recorded. Any keys recorded in the original Inventory that are not returned by the Tenant will be highlighted. At the end of the inspection the Inventory Clerk will return the keys as instructed.

The Check Out report will be finalised within two working days.

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