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Mid-Term Inspection/Interim Report

Carried out during the Tenancy, a Mid-Term Inspection can be instructed by the Landlord or Managing Agent. Commonly carried out every 3-6 months, or if there have been any complaints or maintenance work carried out. Our Inventory Clerk can meet the Tenant at the property or arrange access through the Landlord or Managing Agent.

At the time of the inspection the Inventory Clerk will inspect the property for maintenance issues, damages, cleanliness and evidence of smoking or pets. Compiling a Interim Report comprising of an overview of the property and each room, including photographs. Where the Tenant is present for the inspection any issues they raise can be included in the report. The Inventory Clerk can inspect a specific item or area that may be of concern if instructed by the Landlord or Managing Agent.

The Interim Report will be finalised within two working days.

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